KISMET project has been around for several decades and continues to get updates. The source code resides on GitHub and managed by dragon. I original got interested in capturing wireless packets and uploading to a database using an Android app called “Wigle”. It works well with very little effort, however, when I added KISMET software and loaded on raspberry pi, my capture rate went ten fold.

Installed KISMET on Raspberry PI 4. Picture shows RPi4 with battery, antenna and GPS attachments strap to the back of my roll bar in jeep.

3D Printed projects

I first got started with printing 3D back in 2018 after I joined the Winston Salem Mixxer. (WSMIXXER.ORG). The Mixxer provides several types of rooms for different types of makers. There is a wood working room with power saws, metal room with welders and saws, computer lab for designing software and models and a 3D printer room for printing 3D objects. My first print job was a nut and bolt and now, two years later, I have been printing an IMOOV robot.