Open Source Projects

List of my favorite open source projects.

  1. Kistmetwireless/Kismet
  2. OpenWRT/OpenWRT
  3. Inmoov
  4. MyRobotLab/Inmoov
  5. wireshark/wireshark
  6. offensive-security / NetHunter
    Moved to GitLab
  7. torvalds/linux
  8. Raspberrypi/Documentation
  9. paralax / Awesome HoneyPots
  10. Hak5 / Pineapple-modules
  11. sindresorhus/awesome (List of awesome projects)
  12. cslarsen/mandelbrot-js

Working on TARPN network

TARPN Terrestrial Amateur Radio Packet Network

The group is setting up two TARPN nodes, using Raspberry Pi 3, NinoTNC, old radios used in buses, antenna, power supply etc. The two nodes will talk with each other at a short distance using UHF frequency. Once complete, another node will be built for the mixxer with a stronger signal and antenna mounted on building and eventually we will connect across the NC hopping from one node to the next.

TARPN Packet Radio Networking Home Page

OctoPrint Case for 3D

I finally got around found a case for my raspberry pi 4 running OctoPrint and controlling my 3d printer remotely. Plus check the status of the print and watch video of the 3d Print progress. My biggest issue was determining a way to attach to the printer itself. For past six months, its be just setting on the side. My first thought was to drill holes to frame and screw on case. However, I determine the easiest and most solid way would be to use ties.