Gradient Descent Model

First prototype of building “Gradient Descent” using OpenSCAD and Prussa. What is gradient descent you may ask. It’s used with machine learning during the training process of a data set. Basically, it looks for best answers by finding the lowest spots. It does this by guessing and moving downward. However, the model often has many peaks and valleys and if it starts at the wrong place, it may miss the optimium solution.

Gradient Descent model on 3D printer bed

LineageOS replacement for Android

Discovered LineageOS which is a replacement operating system for Android phones. The advantage of using LineageOS versus Android, is that it removes all the Google tracking apps. Basically, provides more privacy.

LineageOS is running on my PlusOne 7 Pro phone, which I bought on amazon for $150, which may be a defect because the screen has a slight pinkish tint to it. Don’t care at this point, because it just for playing around.

There are a limited apps that come pre-install. And at this time, not sure how apps are logged on phone. I have tried install Google Playstore and Amazon App store on phone. Amazon app store installed, but keeps wanted my to log in. Google PlayStore says its going to install later and never happens

LineageOS has its own Recovery Mode and not as powerful as TWRP.

Nanotechnology My latest interest

I have heard that 3D printing, machine learning and nanotechnology are the three future technologies that will be big in the near future. I have been 3D printing for many years, and study machine learning for the last few years. I decided to learn more about nanotechnology and listen to audible book, Nano “The Science of Nanotechnology”. It blew my socks off and now interested in learning more concepts about nano.

Order a couple of books and then will see what happens from there.

Kali NetHunter on TicWatch Pro

TicWatch Pro is cool because it’s an Android and it run Android software. I’m still in the process of installing Kali NetHunter on watch. It’s installing without errors, however it’s not showing in app selection. NetHunter runs basic hacking Kali software tools. It’s not a practical environment, because keying commands on tiny keyboard is not practical and show.

Open Source Projects

List of my favorite open source projects.

  1. Kistmetwireless/Kismet
  2. OpenWRT/OpenWRT
  3. Inmoov
  4. MyRobotLab/Inmoov
  5. wireshark/wireshark
  6. offensive-security / NetHunter
    Moved to GitLab
  7. torvalds/linux
  8. Raspberrypi/Documentation
  9. paralax / Awesome HoneyPots
  10. Hak5 / Pineapple-modules
  11. sindresorhus/awesome (List of awesome projects)
  12. cslarsen/mandelbrot-js

Working on TARPN network

TARPN Terrestrial Amateur Radio Packet Network

The group is setting up two TARPN nodes, using Raspberry Pi 3, NinoTNC, old radios used in buses, antenna, power supply etc. The two nodes will talk with each other at a short distance using UHF frequency. Once complete, another node will be built for the mixxer with a stronger signal and antenna mounted on building and eventually we will connect across the NC hopping from one node to the next.

TARPN Packet Radio Networking Home Page