First Published Model on Thingiverse

This month I published my first 3D model on Thingiverse. The problem with many of the Inmoov head stands is that they would not hold upright and when testing the movement of head, left and right, the head fell over. The Inmoov head stand has a wide base to prevent this and by inserting the three neck pillars into the cylinders, it was easier to manage.

The model is not fancy by all means, however, it was my first model developed using AudoDesk 360 Fusion. Quite a learning curve for me, to get this far and using the tool is getting easier, however, I warn their are many tools within the software and hope to be good with many of them. Currently using the student edition.

Here is the link to Thingiverse to download STL file Inmoov Head Stand by MyProjectExpert – Thingiverse

Published by My Project Expert

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