LineageOS replacement for Android

Discovered LineageOS which is a replacement operating system for Android phones. The advantage of using LineageOS versus Android, is that it removes all the Google tracking apps. Basically, provides more privacy. LineageOS is running on my PlusOne 7 Pro phone, which I bought on amazon for $150, which may be a defect because theContinue reading “LineageOS replacement for Android”

Nanotechnology My latest interest

I have heard that 3D printing, machine learning and nanotechnology are the three future technologies that will be big in the near future. I have been 3D printing for many years, and study machine learning for the last few years. I decided to learn more about nanotechnology and listen to audible book, Nano “The ScienceContinue reading “Nanotechnology My latest interest”

Kali NetHunter on TicWatch Pro

TicWatch Pro is cool because it’s an Android and it run Android software. I’m still in the process of installing Kali NetHunter on watch. It’s installing without errors, however it’s not showing in app selection. NetHunter runs basic hacking Kali software tools. It’s not a practical environment, because keying commands on tiny keyboard is notContinue reading “Kali NetHunter on TicWatch Pro”

Open Source Projects

List of my favorite open source projects. Kistmetwireless/Kismet OpenWRT/OpenWRT Inmoov MyRobotLab/Inmoov wireshark/wireshark offensive-security / NetHunter to GitLab torvalds/linux Raspberrypi/Documentation paralax / Awesome HoneyPots Hak5 / Pineapple-modules sindresorhus/awesome (List of awesome projects) cslarsen/mandelbrot-js