Thingiverse Inmoov Skull Stand

Posted my first design 3D print design on It’s a Inmoov Head stand. Inmoov Head Stand by MyProjectExpert – Thingiverse. The stand solves several issues. First, the current stands don’t hold the head up straight; this design allow the Inmoov head to be better displayed on shelf. Second when tuning and testing the head movement, it required head to be attach to body. This design allows me to set skull on my desk and make adjustments.

For such a simple design, it required me to learn AutoDesk 360 Fusion software. 2 hours of Pluralsight course on AutoDesk 360, plus several weeks of actually using the tool, five prototypes and designs before I came up with this simple design. After publishing to Thingiverse, I already have a few more ideas of making the stand better.

Simple three column support posts for hold Inmoov skull.

Published by My Project Expert

• Awarded MVP Project for past seven years (2013 thru 2018). MVP only awarded to 32 in world in which 8 are on the US and have direct access to Microsoft developers and escalation team. What makes an MVP different from other consultants is that we have direct access to Microsoft developers and program managers and provide insights into future direction with Microsoft products in our area of expertise. • Deployed over 30 SharePoint / Project Server installations into PMO. Deployment include SharePoint Design, Configuration and Customization. • Passed over 44 MS Certification Exams including SharePoint certs • Migrated over 15 sites Project Server to higher versions • Trained over thousand Project Managers using Microsoft Project • Setup of IaaS in Azure for clients moving from premise to Azure • Technical Reviewer of server books such as o Forecasting Programs by Eric Uyttewaal o Forecast Scheduling 2013 by Eric Uyttewaal o Missing Manual: Project Professional 2010 and 2013 by Bonnie Biafore o Project Management Using Microsoft Project 2013 by Gus Cicala

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