Building Right Leg of Inmoov

After about 80 hours of printing during the month of December, the right leg is completed. Printing was not so bad, however the toughest part was finding the right screws and bolts for holding it together. Deciding to make it a static leg, which means, it does not have any motors and automated movement. LaterContinue reading “Building Right Leg of Inmoov”

Thingiverse Inmoov Skull Stand

Posted my first design 3D print design on It’s a Inmoov Head stand. Inmoov Head Stand by MyProjectExpert – Thingiverse. The stand solves several issues. First, the current stands don’t hold the head up straight; this design allow the Inmoov head to be better displayed on shelf. Second when tuning and testing the headContinue reading “Thingiverse Inmoov Skull Stand”